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It is our great pleasure to organize the 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (17WCEE) that will take place at Sendai International Centre in Sendai, Japan, from September 13 to 18, 2020.

The theme of the 17WCEE is "Towards Disaster Resilient Society". At 17WCEE, we would like to provide the time and place where delegates from around the world can share excellent opportunities and new ideas for both developed and developing countries to implement policies to build disaster resilient societies and to create new directions through integrating various fields of earthquake disaster reduction speciality. At the same time, specialists on earthquake engineering will be able to share their knowledge and technologies on issues within the specialty.

The 17WCEE will also offer opportunities to observe the fully recovered areas affected by the 1995 Kobe earthquake, ongoing recovery activities in 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster sites, and various countermeasures for expected future earthquakes, such as inland in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and along the Nankai Trough in Japan. These opportunities will contribute to sharing experiences and ideas for building resilient cities in earthquake-prone areas.

The 17WCEE will include various programs, including a Keynote Session, Parallel Sessions, Poster Sessions, Young Researcher Sessions, Technical visits, and special exhibitions of technologies for earthquake disaster risk reduction. New sessions and exhibits will also be prepared in the program including Indexed Oral and Poster Presentations, Special Sessions with Extended Preparation Periods, Brainstorming Sessions for New Directions of Earthquake Engineering, and Blind Analysis Contests for Advances in Numerical Simulation Technologies.

Sendai is called the "City of Trees" and it is the largest city of northeast region of Japan with a mild climate and full of modern culture. The coastal area of the city experienced the devastating tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011 and is now strongly moving forward as a role model for resilient recovery. In March 2015, Japan hosted the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai and the "Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction" was adopted. The city has been a frontier city to actively implement earthquake disaster reduction programs.

We are very much looking forward to having the pleasure of welcoming you all to Sendai.


Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering

Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering

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International Association for Earthquake Engineering

International Association for Earthquake Engineering


International Committee

IAEE, International Association for Earthquake Engineering
Dr. Masayoshi Nakashima, President - Kobori Reserch Complex, Inc., Japan
Dr. Farzad Naeim, Executive Vice-President - Farzad Naeim, Inc., U.S.A.
Prof. Yoshiaki Nakano, Vice-President - The University of Tokyo, Japan
Prof. Koichi Kusunoki, Secretary General - The University of Tokyo, Japan

Local Organizing Committee

JAEE, Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering
Prof. Nobuo Fukuwa, President - Nagoya University
Organizing Committee
  • Prof. Kimiro Meguro, Chair - The University of Tokyo
  • Prof. Yoshiaki Nakano, Vice chair - The University of Tokyo
  • Prof. Fumihiko Imamura, Vice chair - Tohoku University
Steering board
Executive Board
  • Prof. Masaki Maeda - Tohoku University
  • Prof. Junji Kiyono - Kyoto University
  • Prof. Yoshikazu Takahashi - Kyoto University
  • Prof. Osamu Furuya - Tokyo Denki University
  • Assoc. Prof. Gaku Shoji - The University of Tsukuba
  • Assoc. Prof. Yasushi Sanada - Osaka University
  • Dr. Masayuki Yoshimi - Geological Survey of Japan, AIST
  • Dr. Shigeru Miwa - Tobishima Corporation
  • Dr. Junichi Tohma - Denryoku Computing Center
  • Dr. Joji Ejiri - Obayashi Corporation
  • Prof. Shigeki Unjoh, Chair of finance subcommittee - Tohoku University
  • Prof. Susumu Nakamura, Chair of Fund Raising Subcommittee - Nihon University
  • Prof. Tsuyoshi Takada, Chair of Scientific Program Subcommittee - The University of Tokyo
  • Prof. Junji Kiyono, Vice Chair of Scientific Program Subcommittee - Kyoto University
  • Prof. Takaaki Ikeda, Chair of Publicity Subcommittee - Nagaoka University of Technology
  • Prof. Toru Takeuchi, Chair of Registration Subcommittee - Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Shunichi Koshimura, Chair of Venue and On-site Management Subcommittee - Tohoku University
  • Prof. Osamu Murao, Chair of Social Program Subcommittee - Tohoku University
  • Assoc. Prof. Gaku Shoji, Chair of Exhibition Subcommittee - The University of Tsukuba
  • Prof. Masaki Maeda, Chair of Technical Tour Subcommittee - Tohoku University
  • Prof. Kenji Satake, Chair of Products Subcommittee - The University of Tokyo

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